It coordinates and conducts the activities below in accordance with the policies of research and strategy of the University.
• To ensure the coordination of researches that are done at the faculties, institutes, vocational schools and research centers and to promote interdisciplinary studies,
• To conduct research to designate the research capacities in the University and prepare reports, observe, evaluate and take necessary precautions,
• To provide suitable conditions to University academic staff and students for them to do their researches,
• To ensure active cooperation with inner and outer partners at researches student and academic staff do/ will do,
• To help students and academic staff write, conduct and find funds for national/international projects,
• To support students and academic staff at quality academic writing and publishing,
• To provide support for scientific publications/ thesis which are produced by students and academic staff tot turn into beneficial models/patents,
• To put tools, apparatuses, devices and equipment which are present at the university inventory to academic staff’s use.
• To conduct standardization and certification works that have international recognition.


The mission of Ankara University Research Deaconate is, making
Ankara University a research university that raise individuals that lead the development of our country,
organizing and easing of the research-development processes, providing guidance to preserve
the continuity in the direction of necessities.


The vision is to create policies that ensure the conduct of researches and administration of research programs at the University. To make this these below were planned primarily.

• Obtaining agency in our country and the World of science by raising Scientist who steer the World.
• To have authority in scientific world and our country raising researchers that steer the world,
• To support and provide guidance to researchers that are searching for outer finances,
• To create policies for researches and projects and to increase research capacities around these policies.
• To encourage inventive and interdisciplinary researches and facilitate coordination,
• To support financially the beginning phase of the of the new researches, to contribute to research and development and scientific studies by cooperating with institutions and organizations to provide budget.
• To ensure cooperation between the University and inner/outer partners, to take up role of incorporator,
• To support the diversity of researchers and ideas, in and out institution research development culture within the scope of university entrepreneurship ecosystem,
• To give research appropriateness training to academic staff, researchers, administrators and staff.


• To conduct independent research and/or creative activities for each academic and student that are suitable for their discipline and while doing this, being in cooperation with fellow colleagues individually,
• To support academic studies of undergraduate and postgraduate students,
• To popularize the research outcomes in way that will benefit the society,
• To ensure the participation of the society to the process while planning the researches and projects and to do works that will increase the social awareness,
• To create the Research Deaconate calendar at the beginning of the year cooperating with the inner and outer partners,
• To do consulting for research activities of the students and academic staff,
• To lead the way in the process of finding monetary assistance from inner and outer sources to be used at the Research activities,
• When necessary to work in coordination with university coordinatorships, boards and committees in all the activities regarding research,
• To standardize the analysis methods and work on the quality controls of the devices,
• To take part in the board of managements of Scientific Research Projects Coordinatorship, Laboratory Administration Office (VARSİS), Publication Encouragement and Reward Commission, Data Management Coordinatorship, Technocity and TTO Coordinatorship, Scientific Publications Coordinatorship, Project Support Office, Entrepreneurship and Innovativeness Commission and Scientific Publications Writing Support Office and constitute coordinatorship,