As the First University of the Republic Ankara University provides education on a broad scope in the fields of medicine, social sciences and engineering and it is committed to do research and development. Our University, with its developed infrastructure has top level means to do research and development activities The encouragement of industry-academy interaction is one of our University’s primary missions. The academic staff that have international recognition, are guiding students for them to get perfect at their careers and for them to be good researches and leaders at their jobs.

Our university in cooperation with international and national research specialists, produces the most developed, first class researches, in medicine, social sciences, and engineering disciplines. The principle of our successful laboratory research is to produce, develop, spread, the authentic information, to produce outputs and encourage production with our Industry partners, Contributing to the society with research outputs in terms of Research publications, patents and financed projects is another one of our missions.

The aims of Ankara University Research Deaconate are aiding Ankara University to become a research university that trains individuals who pioneer the development of our country, the organization and easement of research-development processes, providing guidance in relation with the necessities.

Prof. Dr. Kaan ORHAN