Under the Office of the Dean of Research, on May 9, 2024, the panel titled “Türkiye-CERN Relationships on the 70th Anniversary of CERN and the Role of Ankara University” was held.
The Panel, which started with the opening speeches of the Rector of Ankara University Prof. Dr. Necdet ÜNÜVAR and the Dean of Research Prof. Dr. Kaan ORHAN, continued with the presentation of Prof. Dr. Ömer YAVAŞ Faculty of Engineering Physics Engineering Department titled “70 Years of CERN Since Its Foundation”.
Our Rector, Prof. Dr. Necdet ÜNÜVAR, stated that Ankara University is a pioneer as it is the first University to have a Faculty of Science, a Physics Engineering Department, an Accelerator Technologies Institute, and an Accelerator and Radiation Laboratory (TARLA), that it makes worthy advancements in terms of relations with CERN, and that it will continue to do so.
The Dean of Research, Prof. Dr. Kaan ORHAN, stated in his speech that, apart from being the pioneer institution in the fields of basic sciences and technologies as the first University of the Republic, the superior performance that the University displayed in particle physics is pleasing, and that they have decided to hold this panel to support the studies in this field and the cooperations, particularly those done with prominent institutions like CERN.
Prof. Dr. Ömer YAVAŞ evaluated relations between Ankara University and CERN from past to present in his presentation, “70 Years of CERN Since Its Foundation”.
A live connection was made with High School Students from Adana Science High School who are studying on Particle Physics. Students shared their projects and their targets. Our Rector, Prof. Dr. Necdet ÜNÜVAR, stated that they will support young minds in all fields, both materially and nonmaterially.
The first session of the panel, with Prof. Dr. Saleh SULTANSOY as moderator, was concluded with the presentations of panelists from İstinye University, TOBB University, TENMAK, and CERN.
In the second session of the panel with Prof. Dr. Hatice YILDIZ as moderator, the academics who are researchers and team leaders in CERN experiments presented their studies.
The panel, which received intensive attention, was concluded after the question-answer session.
We are grateful to all the academics and students who participated.
Please click for panel presentations and the broadcast recording.